Facial Enhancement / Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is growing in popularity across the UK as more and more people are beginning to move away from invasive treatments such as Botox, fillers and surgery and turning instead to more gentle and natural alternatives.

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and, although relatively new to the West, the Chinese have been using points on the face to combat the signs of ageing and to help with various skin conditions for many years.

During a facial acupuncture treatment, a small number of tiny (single use) acupuncture needles are gently inserted into the skin, they stay there for about 20 minutes.  Then a facial massage using a variety of traditional techniques is carried out.  People tend to feel deeply relaxed and calm during a treatment.

What sort of results can you expect?

Many patients report seeing an immediate difference with significant changes in skin tone and gentle changes to complexion after just the first treatment, but a course of six treatments is recommended in order to result in more dramatic and longer lasting improvements.  Often patients report a reduction of dark circles, deep and fine lines, as well as a softer complexion.  After a facial acupuncture treatment many patients report feeling calmer with improved mood.


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