What is a Negative Ion?

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Have you ever wondered why you feel invigorated on a beach with the waves thundering on the shore or beside a waterfall when the sound both soothes and awakens your senses?

The answer is ‘negative ions’ – generated in nature by water and air molecules breaking apart – found in abundance in the mountains, forests or coastline and seriously limited, if not completely absent, in the average home or office building where positive ions are created by electrical devices.

Magnetic fields are made up of both positive and negative ions and over exposure to the positive ions (or free radicals) leaves us feeling lethargic and lack lustre.

Negative Ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain helping alleviate stress and depression and boosting energy levels.

Here are 5 ways to increase your exposure to negative ions:

  1. Take a shower – Creating an indoor waterfall gives you the same benefits as being near and outdoor natural waterfall.
  2. Walk in nature – Sunlight and plants also produce negative ions.
  3. Open the windows – let the negative ions in!
  4. Get outside in the rain, or soon after – reap the benefits and lift your spirits!
  5. Buy a negative ion bracelet – like this one for £37 (contact me for more information)


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